Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section. Here I answer some of the most common questions clients usually have. Feel free to use the form below to ask us anything else you want.

How can we start working?

After we have a meeting to discuss your business needs and the first payment is done, we will start the work. Just fill in the form below to get the ball rolling!

How long does each project take?

It depends. An informative website can take 2 weeks if you have all the content, while more complicated websites can take up to 4 weeks if we also have to do the writing. SEO research and PPC campaigns set-up can take up to 2 weeks.

Will I still have control of my website?

Of course! It’s your business after all. Once your website is done, you will get thoroughly trained in order to manage your website, edit it, and have full control to operate it independently.

Which hosting provider do you use?

Super Kosher Sites has its own Virtual Private Server and that’s where we offer 6 months FREE. After that, it’s usually around US$ 40 per month or we migrate your website to another hosting provider of your choice.

What makes you Super and Kosher?

That’s because of our strict adherence to white hat (kosher) techniques and best practices when providing services, especially when it comes to website development, SEO, PPC campaigns and content writing. We also don’t work on Shabbatot and Yamim Tovim.

Do you offer free images?

We offer images from some licensed databases we have. We also help you find free stock images. Anything more specific might be subject to charges.

What plugins do you offer?

All our plugins are licensed and duly paid for. We have a premium membership to Rank Math for SEO purposes, to Elementor, Crocoblock and many other awesome tools.

Will I have a say on how the work is done?

Yes, but it needs to be said upfront, before the work starts. We appreciate your input as that’s essential for the project’s success, but we want to agree on all details beforehand so we don’t have to do double work or double spend.

We also don’t like to leave things unclear with our clients, which means we don’t charge for “extras” that “were not included”.

Everything is included, which means all websites come with SSL certificate, backups, Content Delivery Network (CDN), fully optimised for speed and security, indexed, responsive, and in perfect working order.

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