Website Platforms

There are many types of money generating platforms.

Whether you will opt between one or the other depends on not just your budget but how much work you are willing to put and which system suits your style.

Perhaps you just want to sell your consultation hours instead of going for a full marketplace? Maybe you’d like to enable people to create their classes and do their work while you collect fees?

Whichever model you use, Super Kosher Sites will provide you with an awesome, original and effective platform to generate money.


This is the simplest model for company websites, private websites and blogs. Here the purpose is to inform clients, kind of like an online business card.

and Ads

Why not enable your clients to post content and sell advertising space for their products and services? Here we are dealing with a more complex structure with increased resources.


This model enables consultants or professionals to book their hours or sell their services online. It can also be integrated with Calendly and Zoom.


Online Marketplaces enable users to sell their products in exchange for a commission to the site owner. Here everyone can sell, and you are pretty much like Amazon hosting vendors.

and Affiliates

An E-commerce platform enables you to sell your products and services, while Affiliation means you sell other people's products for a commission.


Teaching portals are a step above in that they allow people to upload their courses and materials, and sell them in the website while paying a commission to the owner.


Awesome Design

Receive a unique website with a unique brand that sells

No one-size-fits all templates

We ensure you get an originally crafted product, that will make an impact

Training Provided

We will teach you everything you need in order to succeed

Become a super seller

In little time, we cover everything you need in order to use the platform alone

Geshmak Pricing

Less than your US web designer, and even better quality

Simple contract, no hidden fees

No gibberish "extras" that you pay, everything clear from the start

Full Site Optimisation

The website comes fully operational, fast and secure

Worry less, sell more

You won't have to spend extra to fix issues, guaranteed.

2 weeks delivery

Time is of essence, and that's our promise.

Super fast support and more

We are with you all the way, and ready to answer all your questions

6 Months free Hosting

Host on Super Kosher Sites' Virtual Private Server (FREE)

All inclusive hosting

We provide backups, CDN, indexing, SSL, protection, and everything else free of charge.

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